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We, Lebanese citizens, feel helpless in controlling our destiny. We contemplate our nation being depleted, acknowledge its depletion, and nevertheless, let go. There is a strategic, non-political solution aiming at uniting Lebanese citizens. It starts with Water: The Water of Lebanon, not just a commodity but our National Wealth.Vote for Blue Gold, a first in the History of Lebanon.

Lebanon has water–lots of it. It rains on average 8 billion m3 a year, the equivalent of 3 million Olympic swimming pools. In 2011 alone, more than 10 billion m3 of blue gold poured down upon us. Sadly, we only make use of 17% of available water. The problem is that we do not realize the wealth we have and we see water as a cheap commodity. Vote for Blue Gold, a first in the History of Lebanon

BLUE GOLD is an innovative, visionary 5-year plan that will increase the amount of available water to 500 million m3 as of 2020–only 7 years from now! By 2030, the amount will be 1 billion m3, equivalent to 1 billion USD of wealth for the entire country to share. Vote for Blue Gold, a first in the History of Lebanon.

“Water for life; water for development. It is time to act responsibly” –May Jurdi - Professor & Chair Environmental Health Department - AUB - Faculty of Health Sciences.

“Blue Gold is an innovative and practical approach towards achieving sustainable management of water resources in Lebanon while maintaining a balanced eco-system.” –Sawsan Bou Fakhreddine-General Director of afdc - Forestration Expert

“Il faut admirer l’initiative importante de CIH et son courage de s’attaquer à l’un des problèmes les plus difficiles qu’affronte le Liban et qui touche à la vie de tous les citoyens : l’eau.– Mohamad Fawaz - Engineer ESIB/ENPC Paris.